Types of Prepaid Legal Services

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Over 100 million Americans are registered for pre-paid legal services.
called legal insurance, these plans are similar to those offered by Health
Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and cover the legal needs of the member,
spouse and any reliant children.

In a pre-paid legal service plan, the customer pays a set regular monthly
membership fee of up to $25 for the services of pre-selected lawyers.
The most standard plans supply guidance and assessment by telephone. Plan
members receive a couple of hours of free office consultation with their appointed
attorney. They may also include evaluation and recommendations on easy legal documents,
preparation, preparing or an upgrade of a basic will. Call and letters
can be composed on behalf of members, a service practical for credit issues
and customer defense.
More thorough plans cover customers’ personal legal needs ranging from
services that require more effort and time on the part of your attorney,
such as agreements, wills and deeds, to legal representation in settlements
and courts cases related to family matters, personal bankruptcy and real estate

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