When a Name is More Than a Name

Releasing a new company is both an exciting and frightening adventure for even a skilled organisation veteran. But there is something about the spirit of the business owner that drives us to start out on our own and do something new, despite the threats.

You will have a lot to consider but if you get excellent assistance, you have a great shot at success. Of course you need financing, excellent accounting and legal aid and a strong business plan. You need an item that serves a documented market need and a marketing plan that gets that product into the hands of that clingy market effectively and quickly so you can capitalize your company concept.

The legal side of things is most likely the most intimidating aspect of a new business endeavor. Of the various concerns that we have to be worried out, one that often gets away notice is the simple act of selecting a business name.

This side of creating a brand-new company is often the most interesting for the newbie entrepreneur. By developing a name that is brief however still does an excellent job of getting across the objective of the business is a challenge. But it is a labor of love for the owner or owners of the business to be. Often integrating the names of the owners or names of loved ones serves business well. Definitely that can be stated of McDonalds, Wendy’s and Denny’s.

However there are some legal concerns to be thought about when selecting that name that is going to become your corporate identity to the world. That organisation name is going to show up on your company card, your web page, at your home office, in your advertising if that is proper and many other locations. It will be how the world referrals your organisation. You want to take pride in it for sure. However a lot more than that, it is essential that name belongs to you.

The legal arena covering business names falls under the classification of trademark law. The problem turns up if you take place to pick a service name that might perhaps be the exact same name of a competitor in your field. This is not simply an issue for your local neighborhood. If you are using the exact same name as someone on the other side of the country and even on the other side of the world, technically you can encounter problems if that company decides to call you out about it.

Stories abound of how a huge powerful company differed with some small mommy and pop organisation who took place to have the same name and used all their mighty legal muscle to require someone to alter their company name, maybe even deserting their own family name because it was covered by the trademark claims of the larger company. While these stories are unfortunate to be sure, the truth remains, the law is the law. So it’s a good idea to make sure that this name you will produce will be yours day one, in five years and even down the roadway when and if your service ends up being a large international success.

So despite the fact that going through yet another legal procedure and employing yet another lawyer to run up yet another legal expense seems to be a concern, its needed to make sure your company name comes from you. The good thing is that hallmark lawyers know their things and should be able to do a trademark search fairly easily to let you understand if there is any factor for concern. Once you get that green light from your legal help, then you can happily launch that name as your business understanding you covered your bases.